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Sichuan University Programming Contest 2019 Final(team)

To print the code, please submit it to problem N. Click the link.

The clarifications and the answers to teams' questions are there.

The broadcast:

For E, it is something wrong with the samples. Correction: n=m=3 for the first test case; n=4, m=5 for the second test case.

For F, the length of a+b means the length of a+b in the decimal code.

For M, the answer of the second test case is 2. Sorry for this fault.

If your team can not submit the code, please use port 88 to try again(acm.scu.edu.cn:88).

We are sorry for the range of H's datas and promise to rejudge all the submissions later.

Contest has finished at 2019-04-20 17:00.

ID Problem
A Stocks
B CaCO3Tree
C Kinematics
D CRY cry
E Functional Dependency
F A Meaningless Problem
G Electron Cloud
H Semi-Fibonacci
I Garden Aesthetics
J Circle Circle Little Square
K Diffusion
L Soft Kitty Warm Kitty Little Ball of Fur
M Sociology
N Print Your Codes
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