Alice is a naughty boy who often sets hard problems to his friend Bob.One day they play a game called "Guess What I think". This game is very funny and easy.In this game,Alice asks Bob to generate a non-negative integer number K at heart and then he will asks him about N questions. Each of the problems is like that:"Is it not smaller than M?"(M is a non-negative number which is asked by Alice) and Bob just anwsers him Yes or No.

  After having played many times, Alice concludes a rule that there exists such a number X that Alice can know absolutely what X is if the number K is not bigger than X,otherwise he can't sure whether he can guesses it out within N problems.Of course the precondition is Alice is very clever.


  The input file contains T+1 lines.The fisrt line contains a positive number T which stands for the total test.The following T lines give T positive numbers. And each line only contains a single number N (1<=N<=32), which stands for the total number of questions asked by Alice.


  For each test case you should ouput the number X discripted above in one line.

Sample Input

Sample Ouput

Author: Littleken