Abraham and Calford are Moving there things from dormitory A11 to A9,and they have their own carry limit,they can't carry things which is beyond their limit and they will not carry one bag toghter. They want things to be carried in one time,when they can't deal with so many things, they will hire a good helper to help them, who can only carry one bag of things, regardless of the weight of it. Your task is to tell wheather they can carry their bags in one time,or not.

There are multiple test cases.
First line of each test case contains two nonnegative numbers, A and C, (0 < A,C <=1000) representing the limit of Abraham and Calford,then the second line contains an integer N ( 0 < N <= 200 ) ,representing the number of bags,followed by N positive integers,each of them is not more than 100.

For each test case
Output "Yes" if they can carry the bags without the help of the helper in one time.
Output "Need a helper" if they can only carry the bags with the help of the helper in one time.
Output "No" if they can't carry the bags in one time.

Sample Input

7 7
3 5 5 5
7 7
3 5 2 5
7 7
3 7 8 7
7 7
3 7 8 9

Sample Output

Need a helper
Need a helper

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