In English, a vowel is one of the letters a, e, i, o, and u. Of course, a vowel may
be uppercase as well as lowercase. Your task here is to count the vowels in a sentence.


Input for this problem is a series of sentences, each consisting of a sequence of words
separated by spaces and/or commas (,) and ending in a full stop (.), exclamation
mark (!), or question mark (?). Each sentence contains no more than 255 characters,
and appears on a line of its own. Input is terminated by a single # on a line of its own.
This line should not be processed.


Output will be a single integer for each input line, the number of vowels (upper or lower
case) found in the sentence. Each output must be on a line of its own.

Sample Input

How are you today?
Quite well, thank you, how about yourself?
I live at number twenty four.

Sample Output



New Zealand Programming Contest 2006