Time Limit: 2000MS    Memory Limit: 200000 K 


Zerg likes Cheer Chen's songs very much. He thinks he is very familiar with all her songs. One day on the internet, he found a Cheer Chen's song list. What was amazing him that some names of songs in the list he had never heared before! So he wanted to find all these songs. Can you help him?


The first line of input is the number of test case. For each test case,the first line contains two integers, N and M. N is the number of songs that Zerg had heard. M is the size of the song list. Then N lines followed, each line contains a song's name that Zerg knew before. Then M lines followed, each line contains a song's name that in the song list. The name of the songs contains only letters,digits ane spaces, the size of a name is no more than 500. All the names is case-sensitive. It's guaranteed that 1<=N, M<=2000.


For each test case, print all songs in the list that Zerg didn't know before, in accordance with the order they appeared in the song list. Each line contians exactly one name.

Sample Input

1 10 7 Travelling is meaningful Full Moon Sentimental Kills Adventure Too Much Flowers Self Surface Live in slience Businesswoman Travelling is meaningful Take away The edge Surface A Little Step Groupies Too Much

Sample Output

Take away The edge A Little Step Groupies


SCU 2009 warmup contest 1 ( Happy Birthday to zxhy2 ! )