Time Limit:1000ms Memory Limit:65536KB


Mr. Wang has got a ball made of a certain kind of metal (assume the ball is
uniform density). He wants to find out what the metal is by calculating the
density of the ball. Mr. Wang follows the story of Archimedes and crown. By
putting the ball in the liquid (assume the liquid is deep enough). Mr. Wang can
measure the height h indicated in the image.
And the density of the liquid is d, the radius of the ball is R. Now Mr. Wang
asks you to simply tell the density of the ball. You can assume the density of
the ball is no greater than the liquid.h measures the height from the bottom of
the ball to the liquid surface.


The input has many test cases. The first line is an integer T indicating the
number of test cases. Following T lines there are three real numbers h, R, d.
(0 < h <= 100, 0 < R <= 50,0 < d <= 100)


For each test case, output one line with the answer, the density of the ball.
round to 0.01. Please refer to the sample output.

Sample Input

9 9 1
9 8 1

Sample Output





The 8th UESTC Programming Contest Preliminary