Time Limit: 5000 MS    Memory Limit: 65536 K 


Mirko and Slavko are bored at math class again so they came up with new game. Mirko writes down an N digit number, and Slavko°Įs task is to obtain the largest possible number after having removed exactly K digits. Help him do that!


The first line of input contains integers N and K (1 °‹ K < N °‹ 500 000). The following line contains N digit number. This number starts with non-zero digit.


The first and only line of output should contain the largest possible number Slavko can obtain by removing K digits from the given number.

Sample Input

4 2 1924 7 3 1231234 10 4 4177252841

Sample Output

94 3234 775841


coci 2011/2012 contest4